Angry Birds Seasons has arrived on the App Store! You can take part in all the fun and excitement of the holiday season ALL MONTH LONG!

Angry Birds Seasons is the newest edition of Angry Birds, from Rovio Mobile. It includes 25 all new holiday levels, expanding the game even further than before! In a surprise twist, however, it seems you can only complete ONE LEVEL PER DAY until the 25th of December, allowing your game to last you all the way till Christmas.

I’m not sure I like that idea, but hey, they are the creators of the most popular app on the App Store… of all time. They likely know what they are doing.

You can take part in the action too! DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE APP STORE NOW!

On a side note: Rovio has also brought out some stuffed animals for the holidays! All toys are available for $14.99.

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