The Birds have finally made their intergalactic debut onto the App Store, Google Play Store, and more! Angry Birds has been by far the most popular game on all mobile platforms that it appears on, and has even generated a decent amount of playtime on personal computers and consoles around the world as well. Rovio’s masterpiece this time is outside the realms of the conventional physics we’re used to manipulating with our fingers, taking us on a journey where no bird has ever gone before. Space. The final frontier.

But will it really be the final frontier? In reality, the Angry Birds franchise is a flexible one, able to make sense to gamers in nearly any scenerio. The birds have traveled all over the world, in every sort of climate, and battled against pigs and monkeys surrounded by concrete, wood, ice, christmas presents, halloween pumpkins, eggs, and more. Imagine a scenerio for this franchise that wouldn’t work, and I’ll be impressed. Before they announced Space back in February of this year, I probably would have said space wasn’t an option… they’re proving me wrong, and they’re doing a great job of it.

Angry Birds Space takes gameplay to an entirely new level, and while it’s not entirely original at this point, the “unoriginal” aspects of the game are merely copies of the gaming system they developed in the first place anyways (can you plagiarize yourself? My english teachers said I could, but I don’t think that applies here). The game is bound to be number one on the App Store for a very long time, so you might as well just get your hands on it right now.

The game comes into the App Store for a mere 99¢ for mobile phones, while the iPad version (HD) is only slightly more at $2.99. On the Google Play store, you’ll get it free or pay 99¢ for the premium version. On the Mac App Store it’s $4.99. Typical standard pricing. It’s ridiculously worth it. Download links below. Have fun!

DOWNLOAD for iPhone DOWNLOAD for iPad DOWNLOAD for MAC DOWNLOAD for Android (Free) DOWNLOAD for Android (Premium)



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