Angry Birds has been in the App Store since December 2009 and has since been consistently at the top of the App Store’s “Top Paid Apps” and “Top Free Apps” sections. Now, it’s available for a vast array of other platforms, such as Android, Symbian, Windows, and now the Mac App Store! You can even download it for your Chrome Browser from Google. Angry Birds has been downloaded over 250 million times, and it’s only going to gain popularity now that it has moved to yet another platform: Windows Phone 7.

Such a widespread game is definitely an advantage for a new platform like Windows Phone 7. It was rather ridiculous for Microsoft not to have the game on its mobile platform yet, seeing as pretty much every popular platform, including even Google Chrome Browser, had had it up and going already! Well… now you can have it too.

Although, sadly for you, it’s much more expensive for you to buy it then everybody else. Windows Phone 7 users can download Angry Birds from the Windows Phone Marketplace today for $2.99. Click HERE to get it now.Enjoy… if you can!

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