Just a couple of months ago the name Rovio wouldn’t have mean anything to anyone… However, roughly 4 months ago, they released “Angry Birds” into Apple’s App Store.

The game although simplistic in nature is utterly addictive and fun to play….you start our simply enough with red birds knocking through fortress like set-ups to get at a merry band of pigs or hogs one might say.

As you progress from level to level it becomes exceedingly more difficult to get at the pigs. You’re then given different birds… black birds that have bombs, birds that lay explosive eggs amongst others.

The game is the number one selling game thus far in the app stores history. The develops Rovio were very quick to follow this up with a Halloween version of the game with all the scary sounds of  Halloween to boot… it was released into the app store in early October and once again rose to the top of the best sellers rather easily .

For everyone that has Angry Birds Halloween, Rovio will be coming out with a Christmas version of their Angry Birds series as a free update if you already have the Halloween version downloaded. If not, I’d only guess that it’s going to set you back 99 cents.

It goes to show developers that it does not necessarily take a complex, high action, great content game with super graphics to be a best seller. So for all of you amateur developers out there that have dreams and aspirations of making an app for the app store… Go right ahead, as you might be the next king of the app store like Rovio has become! In addition the Angry Bird series has just moved to the android OS platform you can find it in the market.

On a side note… they’re also in talks with studios to make an Angry Birds movie and morning cartoon series!

Check out these screen shots of their upcoming release:

UPDATE1: Angry Birds Seasons is scheduled to be released TODAY! Get your slingshots ready and look for it in the APP STORE! (if you have the Halloween version, it will be a free update.)

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