For the first time, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) has been leaked for an existing phone. A ROM for pre-release Jelly Bean firmware for the international Galaxy S III was leaked out online for everyone (with an international Galaxy S III, model i9300 only, for now) to try out for themselves. The ROM doesn’t offer too many performance changes from what you’re running now, but the changes it does have are pretty exciting. Granted a few things don’t work as smoothly as it could because it’s a ROM, but there shouldn’t be anything that isn’t functional.

There’s now a new “Dormant Mode,” the ability to swipe your palm to take a screenshot, NFC support and of course, Google Now.  Considering this is just test firmware, it’s safe to say the officially released version will have more new features.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve got a hands-on video for you (courtesy of Android Central):


Now, if that was enough to make you want to try it out for yourself before Jelly Bean is actually released, you can download Jelly Bean here, and there are very meticulous instructions for setting it up available here. I’d make them myself, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything better.

[box_info]Note: Using this ROM will void your warranty, so only do so if you have the proper backups, or are willing to live with the consequences should anything happen. Follow the instructions very carefully, there IS a risk of bricking your phone.[/box_info]


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