My name is Charlie, and I’m the Owner/Founder of Throughout the last 3 years, I’ve been using smart phones. I’m not an early adopter by far, but I’ve spent those years researching all I can about the devices that I use.

Up until today… it’s been a blackberry (very old version), Palm Pre (ugh), and then, the iPhone 3GS. I fell in love with the iOS platform, and have since updated to the iPhone 4, and will be saving the upgrade for the next model later on. I have access to iPhone 4S though, and I feel it’s a great update to the platform.

What I’ve never used before, however, is Android. Never did more than a few pictures with it, and played a game or two. That is all changing. Throughout the next 30 days, I’m going to be running 100% Android, putting my iPhone 4 on the shelf, powered off, and leaving it there. The goal is to submerge myself in this foreign (to me) platform, and really attempt to understand why people choose this over the iPhone. Yes, I’ll be comparing everything to the iPhone… but that’s the goal. What works, what doesn’t, and WHY?

Keep it tuned to this multi-part video series, as I talk about my experiences with these two platforms, and try to find out which is ultimately the best mobile device for me.

Here’s my intro. LOTS of videos to come with this progress. This will likely be the most fair, and balanced assessment of a personal experience with the platforms you’ve seen. I want to use it. I want it to work for me. I want Android to be better than iPhone. Whether this will work as well, I don’t know yet. I hope it will, but only time will tell.



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