It seems quite ridiculous that it took this long for Google to bring its popular desktop browser, Chrome, to their mobile platform. The Chrome browser, which has overtaken Firefox as the leading alternative to Internet Explorer, has just now arrived for Android phones, many years after Android has been surfing the web, and a very long time after Chrome was originally introduced more than three years ago. Nevertheless, it’s finally here now.

Google launched a beta version of Chrome for Android smartphones and tablets Tuesday, presenting one more step toward unifying the Google user experience. Good news is that it looks great on their products, and much like their other services with Android, it’s gonna sync up with your world of Google stuff just the same, giving those people out there who are heavy in the desktop Google apps even more incentive to choose Android as their mobile operating system.

So now all Google has left to do is make Chrome the default browser in Android, something that should have happened a long time ago. Chrome is an amazing browser for the desktop, and you can bet it’ll kick the stock browser on your current Android’s little robotic ass too. I don’t know if it’ll beat Dolphin, which was my browser of choice during my ANDROID EXPERIMENT, but it’ll be a hell of a lot better than what ya had stock before.

Google did something this time that it doesn’t normally do though. It took it’s time, and waited to launch something to the public until it was ready. Their explanation is similar to Apple’s when questioned on why it took so long to get something out into the world:

“We didn’t want to just push out Chrome light. Our goal was to get all of Chrome onto Android.” – Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google Chrome

Which is exactly what Pichai and his team did… if you have Android 4.0 (Code named: Ice Cream Sandwich). All of Chrome into Android apparently means for the 1% of users who have it, according to Mashable. Just when we thought they were getting segmentation under control, they diversified the platform within their own applications.

A step to unify…  if you have the latest and greatest only. I don’t want to be the guy to say “typical” as far as technology development releases go, but Android is your baby Google… Why not Gingerbread? If you want people to use it, you have to give it to more than early adopters. I guess that’s just an opinion though. Honestly, they should have had this out a long time ago, in my book.


There are clear perks in using Chrome instead of other Android browsers though. If you’re already a desktop Chrome user, your bookmarks will be synced across all your browser versions after signing into your Google account, which can be expected in this day and age. Even better though, if you’ve left pages open on your laptop at home, you’ll get them opened in no time on your mobile browser too, much like a better, smarter version of “Reading List” on the iOS platform. The browser will also save and carry over searches to your mobile browser as well, provided you are using Chrome on the desktop/laptop system as well. That’ll save a lot of time.

Best of all though, is how fast Chrome is. It’s easily one of the fastest, if not THE fastest mobile browser in existence today. The browser, when searching, attempts to predict what pages you are going to open, and actually begins loading that content in the background while you are typing and searching. If you use Google searches a lot, you’ll love this, because many of the pages you tap on will already be half loaded or more by the time you tap.

It’s also important to note that, due to increased speed and productivity, you’re likely to use more data. Pay attention to that you web surfing freaks of digital nature.

If you’ve got Ice Cream Sandwich, head to the Android Market to download the app right now.

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