This is exactly how I feel about Facebook sometimes. It’s become a micro-blogging site for the pointless and nonsensical material of our everyday lives that, quite frankly, nobody cares about. Ever.

Don’t deny it. You see status updates constantly that you start reading, and then decide to stop because it isn’t worth your time. Usually its people bitching about a relationship issue, or a government issue, or the fact that they just got done making cupcakes and felt that it was absolutely critical they post a status about it. Then you’ll read moments later that, because they were spending time making a status update, the cupcakes were in too long, and they are not burnt to a crisp (this is the part where we then see bitching about their day). This stuff goes on and on.

The other annoyances of Facebook involve application invitations, and the fact that nobody wants to join you in mafia wars, or some other ridiculous time-wasting digital material that for whatever reason people feel compelled to give their personal information to. Facebook has become far less about connecting with friends, and staying in touch with the things you care about, and more about censoring your news feed to keep the stuff you hate away from you.

Perhaps that’s why so many people are starting to do some Spring cleaning on their friends lists, removing the people who annoy them with lame updates. I know I personally have several friends on Facebook that I haven’t seen or spoken to in more than a couple of years, and I’ve got them as “Only Important” with my subscriptions. They’re on my list so that I can find them if I need to, or vice versa. Doesn’t mean I wanna know when they are taking a poo.

As far as this video goes, It’s very well composed, the animations are great, and I like Dan Bull because of his stances on digital freedoms, so I share whenever I can. Kudos to British lyrical genius, Mr. Dan Bull.


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