Just in time for October, the next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is available to all Netflix instant streaming customers. All 13 episodes of season two went up today on the popular streaming service.

In the second season of this grim and gripping zombie drama, Grimes and his cohorts continue to search for sanctuary in a ruined and dangerous landscape, hoping that in time science will halt the epidemic.

This is perfect for fans of the series to catch up on the first two seasons as season three will be premiering Sunday, October 14 at 9/8c on AMC.

I happen to live right down the road from Universal Studios Florida and “The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” is one of the haunted houses for Halloween Horror Nights 22. I’m hoping that getting caught up on last season (I’m got rid of cable a long time ago) I’ll be able to appreciate all the details that went into making the house. I’ve been through once already and being surrounded by Walkers roaming the streets is very scary!

Image Source: Orlando Informer¬†Halloween Horror Nights 22 “Walking Dead: Dead Inside” set pieces.

So catch AMC’s The Walking Dead on Netflix, and if you are in the Orlando area during October check out Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights!

Source: Netflix


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