Have you ever been out on a trip or something with your camera? Pretty much everyone has, and if you haven’t, you most certainly will at some point in your life. And during that time… you’ll probably take a few photos that didn’t really come out as crisp as you would have liked. It’s a real bummer, and it will happen to all of us. You’ll get all excited about checking out photos, only to find the best ones are completely unusable! – That is… unless Adobe has anything to say about it.

Adobe is developing an upcoming Photoshop feature that could put the problem of blurry photos to rest forever.

Imagine coming home with that very same picture of your family, and being able to sit down at your computer and load it into Photoshop. Normally, with a blurry image, you’d never even bother. What’s the point? You’ll never see anything. Until this comes out anyways. You may soon be able to take that blurry photo into Photoshop, and have your computer crunch a little math and come out with an amazingly clear image. Totally restore the focus on that blur. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

It can happen, and Adobe showed it off in the video after the break.

The new feature was demoed at the company’s MAX 2011 event, and it’s extremely impressive. As the demo drew many gasps and awes from the crowd, this prototype of Adobe Photoshop magically analyzed blurred photos, and retouched and perfected them in mere seconds.

How is it done? Photoshop (this closed, prototype version anyways) performs highly advanced algorithms that calculate the movement of the camera. You see, when you took that blurry photo, you moved the camera, or at least, something within the frame moved as the shutter was open. Photoshop simply analyzed how that movement occurred, enabling it to ‘fix’ the image by un-blurring it. This could save a ton of photos, and may just be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in all my time of working with images and video.

The video below is a bit shaky, but that doesn’t matter. You can clearly see the difference right away. Unfortunately, Adobe has no official release date for this anti-blur feature, but they will undoubtedly sell a whole lot of copies when they do include it. Wow!

(via TheNextWeb) – Special thanks to David Barajas for showing me this!


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