Ever been playing a game on your PC and have your fingers get sore from pressing the keys? I know I have. Sometimes, it’s just better with a joystick instead of buttons. Luckily, there is a quick solution to your problem. Make a joystick!

The best part about this joystick, is that you don’t need to worry about any software to install, or whether it’s compatible with Windows and Mac. It works seamlessly and universally with virtually any system or set up you have! Best of all, it’s entirely customizable with shape and size… because you made it!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Coat hanger
  • Sugru or EasyMold (Food safe. Comes with 2-step process though) You can also make it with clay, but get rubber feet if you want to grip the keys better.
  • Thinner wire (20 gauge)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Plastic wrap

Credit: ChrysN

Once you’ve grabbed all of the needed supplies, begin the step-by-step process by choosing which keys you’ll be using the joystick for. This can be WASD, the Arrow Keys, or the keys on the numeric keypad. It’s mentioned that in the video above from the Original source, the ASD keys that are all next to one another may not work the best for the stick to stay balanced properly, so if you can reassign “S” to “X” it may work better, as demonstrated above. Also, if making for WXSD, the stick will also be built to fit usage on 8426 keys on the number pad as well.

Credit: ChrysN

Once you’ve chosen the keys, it’s time to start making the joystick!

Building the Frame

We’ll start with the coat hanger. Cut two pieces of the hanger roughly 8cm long (make one slightly longer than the other), and bend each one to to form a bridge-like shape, as shown in the photo below. The legs should be 2cm and the middle section about 4cm long.

Credit: ChrysN

The reason one piece is slightly longer than the other, is so it can fit over top of the other piece, creating four legs total for the joystick frame. Once you’ve got that positioned, use another (thinner) section of wire to tie the two pieces together, as shown below:

Credit: ChrysN

The finished section of the frame should look a bit like this when you’re done with this step:

Credit: ChrysN

Notice how the top has a little nub formed. This will be important for forming the joystick handle in a few minutes. You can make it stick up as long as you’d like. It all depends on how tall you’d like it to stick up.

Remember which keys you are making this for, and be sure that the legs match the keys of your keyboard as best as you can.

Put It Together

In the next step, we’re going to use the Sugru or EasyMold from the list of materials, and wrap the frame with the actual body of the joystick that we’ll be touching and using for the purposes of playing games (or any other purpose you’d like I suppose).

Four packs of Sugru was used for this, although if you can do it in less by all means go for it. Start by cutting open each pack, and then put everything together and cover the entire frame with the Sugru or EasyMold.

Credit: ChrysN

You’re going to shape it so that there is a longer joystick part sticking up, and then four legs standing down on the keyboard.

Credit: ChrysN

It’s a good idea to cover the keyboard with some plastic wrap so that you don’t get the keys all sticky during this process.

Credit: ChrysN

With everything in place how you want it, allow the Sugru on the joystick a bit of time to cure. Leaving it overnight should do it, but longer may be required.

After it’s solid, you’re ready to use it for gaming. You can see an example of how the joystick can be useful for you by checking out the video above. Let us know in the comments if you think this was useful for you or not!


(Disclaimer: Steps and Photos from Instructables. You can visit the source, and pay your thanks to the innovator behind this idea by clicking here)

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