The original Pokemon games were awesome… but this is the streaming version of pure fun. Running an emulator, and using an IRC channel connected to the Twitch chat interface, thousands of Twitch users are attempting to influence the direction of the same game, at the same time. The pokemon game you see streaming below (live) is this chaos (FLASH VIDEO):

The game you’re seeing is a social experiment. It is a stream of the Gameboy version of Pokemon Red (151 romhack) running on an emulator. An IRC bot translates buttons said in chat into keypresses (simulated in software, no fancy typist robots). The game is completely operated by the chat area on Twitch, and has been going for almost 5 days as of this post. For more information on this project, and to see the actual chat box chaos that is happening, WATCH THE VIDEO AT TWITCH.

This experiment really gets my imagination working, and I wonder what other forms of crowd-input experiments are possible with today’s streaming services. This is very interesting to me, even if the game itself is moving very slowly from the huge amount of input the controls are getting, and it leaves me with thoughts of all sorts of possibilities. What are you thinking? Is it cool to you as well?

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